Emilie De Rop

Occupational Therapist

Picture of Emilie De Rop
Emilie is an experienced and dedicated Occupational Therapist. She started her career in 2011 after completing a Bachelor in Psychology and a Master in Occupational Therapy. After several fulfilling years practicing in Canada, Emilie moved to Australia where she has since cultivated her career amidst supportive and diverse settings.
Emilie has extensive experience working with neurodivergent individuals and understands the importance of using a neurodiverse affirming approach. Emilie also is passionate about helping children reach their developmental milestones following a cancer diagnosis and treatment. Emilie has a deep understanding and high level of experience with sensory processing, motor skills, executive functioning, and regulation (attention, energy, and/or emotional regulation) and finds enjoyment supporting children enhance their skills and explore coping strategies in these areas.
Emilie is enthusiastic about collaborating with children to develop their unique potential. She does so by empowering children to utilise their strengths, enhance resilience, and overcome difficulties. Children recognise Emilie for her fun and engaging therapy sessions. She understands the best way for children to learn and progress is through play and meaningful activities.
Emilie is well appreciated not only by children, but also by their parents/carers. She adopts a flexible family-centred approach whereby the unique needs, concerns, and goals of each family are prioritised and tailored to. Her fundamental goal is to improve their quality of life by helping children overcome developmental challenges and facilitate learning for progressive and sustainable improvement.
Emilie values spending time with her friends and family. Emilie loves travelling, hiking, and spending time outdoors.
Picture of Emilie De Rop