Zero Tolerance Policy

Current as of: 31st August 2022
This policy outlines the expectations to ensure that all practicable actions are taken to prevent incidents of violence from occurring within clinics operated by Hunter Children’s Clinics Pty Ltd. The policy also ensures that following an incident of violence the appropriate measures are taken to protect our staff.
Zero Tolerance means that as far as reasonably possible action will be taken to prevent violence, and that in all incidents of violence, appropriate action will be taken to protect staff, patients and visitors from the effects of such behaviour.
Purpose and objectives:
Staff working for Hunter Children’s Clinics Pty Ltd have the right to work in a safe workplace free from violence, aggression, or intimidation. Patients and visitors have the right to visit, or receive health care, in a therapeutic environment free from risks to their personal safety and from any exposure to acts of violence.
This policy outlines the requirements for:
  • Identifying, assessing, and eliminating as far as practicable or controlling, violence, aggression, and related risks.
  • Providing an appropriate response when violence or aggression does occur.
The intended scope of this document is to address issues of violence, aggression, or intimidation perpetrated by patients, parents, carers and others against staff, patients or visitors.

The organisation: Refers to Hunter Children’s Clinics Pty Ltd

Physical and verbal abuse includes:
  1. Unreasonable and/or offensive remarks, behaviour, rude gestures, or innuendoes
  2. Sexual and racial harassment
  3. Threatening or intimidating behaviour (with or without a weapon)
  4. Actual physical assault (whether or not it results in actual injury) includes being pushed or shoved as well as being hit, punched or attacked with a weapon, or being intentionally struck with bodily fluids or excrement.
  5. Attacks on Partners, members of staff or the public.
  6. Discrimination of any kind
  7. Damage to employee's or the organisations property
Policy content:
Receptionists, doctors, allied health practitioners, and other staff of our clinics are trained and dedicated to serve you and you will be always treated with courtesy and respect.
In return, we ask that you and anyone that you bring with you to our clinics treat our administrative and clinical staff with the same courtesy and respect.
We have a ZERO TOLERANCE approach to any verbal, physical, aggressive or violent abuse or behaviour towards our staff or other patients and their families. We respectfully advise you that abuse and/or violence will not be tolerated in any form.
The organisation will seek to ensure that it takes all measures to prevent:
  • Physical or verbal abuse of its employees, including racial and sexual harassment.
  • Physical assault on employees by patients and other members of staff.
If patient, carer, or other person is abusive towards our staff or others within our clinics, they may expect:
  • To be asked to leave
  • The police to be called
  • A formal letter of warning being sent
  • The patient being removed from the organisation’s patient list
It is the organisation’s policy to press charges against any person who physically or verbally assaults another, damages or steals property.
Related policy and procedures:
  • Aggressive/abusive person procedure Hunter Children’s Clinics Pty Ltd
Related legislation and policy:
  • The Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and Regulation 2011
  • The Inclosed Lands Protection Act 1901
Policy review statement:
This policy will be reviewed regularly to ensure it reflects the current processes and procedures of the organisation and current legislation requirements.

Date of approval: 31st August 2022

Date of review: 31st August 2023