Patient Payment Policy

Current as of: 31st August 2022
This policy outlines the expectations for payment of consultation fees for all children seen at clinics run by Hunter Children’s Clinics Pty Ltd.
Purpose and objectives:
The purpose of this policy is so that all patients, and their families or carers are aware of the payment expectations of our clinics.
This policy applies to all patients or clients seen at clinics run by Hunter Children’s Clinics Pty Ltd.

The organisation: Refers to Hunter Children’s Clinics Pty Ltd

Policy content:
For every patient seen in the clinic a person or organisation must be identified as the account holder for that patient prior to any consultations occurring.
Consultation fees vary according to the type of consultation, who the consultation is with, and the duration of the consultation.
All doctors working for the organisation either as an employee or a contractor are free to set their own consultation fees.
The account holder should be made aware of the consultation fee prior to any consultation.
It is up to the individual practitioner’s discretion, at each consultation, whether a patient will be charged a private fee or will be bulk billed. This means that just because a patient has previously been bulk billed, they may not expect always to be bulk billed in the future.
Any cancellation which occurs within 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time or if the patient/client fails to attend the appointment, a 50% cancellation fee will be incurred. There is no Medicare rebate applicable to this cancellation fee. If the patient is usually a bulk billed, they will still incur a cancellation fee.
When the account holder is an individual (i.e., family member or carer):
  • Payment is to be expected on the day of consultation, immediately after the consultation. The organisation does not keep accounts for patient fees.
  • In some circumstances, payment may be required prior to the consultation.
  • The full private fee is expected to be paid (not just the gap between Medicare rebate and consultation fee).
  • Any applicable Medicare rebate should enter the account holders nominated bank account the following day.
When the account holder is an agency (i.e., out of home care agency or department of communities and justice):
  • An authority letter stating that the agency is happy to cover the private consult fee is required prior to the consultation occurring.
  • On the day of the consultation, an invoice will be sent to the responsible person from the organisation.
  • This invoice will be for the full consultation fee.
  • This invoice should be paid within thirty calendar days.
If you have difficulties paying the consultation fees, at any time, we request that you discuss this first with your health care provider.
Policy review statement:
This policy will be reviewed regularly to ensure it reflects the current processes and procedures of the organisation and current legislation requirements.

Date of approval: 31st August 2022

Date of review: 31st August 2023