Clinic Property Damage Policy

Current as of: 31st August 2022
This Policy outlines how Hunter Children’s Clinics Pty Ltd will respond to damage to the physical property of our clinics and items within our clinics.
Purpose and objectives:
The purpose of this policy is to explain to patients, their families and carers how Hunter Children’s Clinics Pty Ltd will respond to damage of property.
The intended scope of this document is to address any damage carried out by patients, parents, carers and others to property or items at or within our clinics.

The organisation: Refers to Hunter Children’s Clinics Pty Ltd

Damage to property includes but is not exclusive of:
  • Damage to walls
  • Damage to floors
  • Damage to glass
  • Damage to doors
  • Damage to furniture
  • Damage to electronic equipment (computers, monitors, phones, tablets)
  • Damage to medical equipment
Policy content:
It is the organisation’s policy to press charges against any person who damages or steals property. Where there are significant mitigating circumstances, (e.g., severe mental problems), these may be considered when deciding on any further action of whether to press criminal charges.
When there is damage to property by a patient, family member, or carer, the organisation will issue an invoice to the person or organisation responsible for that patient’s account.
Whilst the amount invoiced will depend on the extent of the damage, the typical invoice will be for $500 which should be paid within two weeks of issue. This applies to all patients including privately paying patients, patients who are typically bulk billed and patients who are under the care of an organisation. Further clinic appointments may not be able to proceed until this invoice has been paid.
Related policy and procedures:
  • Zero Tolerance Policy Hunter Children’s Clinics Pty Ltd
  • Aggressive/abusive person procedure Hunter Children’s Clinics Pty Ltd
Policy review statement:
This policy will be reviewed regularly to ensure it reflects the current processes and procedures of the organisation and current legislation requirements.

Date of approval: 31st August 2022

Date of review: 31st August 2023